In Pursuit of Prosperity

This video created by Hardpin and Matt Heymann documents the process and motivation behind, "In Pursuit of Prosperity", a site-specific installation by artist Li-Hill. Built within a glass stall inside of the East Broadway Mall in Chinatown, New York, this piece utilizes the symbol of the mythological Chinese Dragon to speak about issues of immigration, the exportation of culture as well as the movements of capital and goods dictated by the demands of global economic markets.

Like a tornado, this “dragon” envelops and whirls in an infinite loop that goes beyond the boundaries of the glass stall and encompasses the mall, the city and the system. This pursuit of prosperity that has swept through our world, changing the face of the planet and our societies is one of peril and one of golden success.

A special thank you goes to Outlaw Arts, Tony Chan, Hardpin, Matt Heymann, Julia Borowicz and the people of East Broadway Mall.






This project was brought together by the MaRS center for innovation and their Adjacent Possibilities program. Documenting the process behind the installation, this video and project paired one entrepreneur in the energy sector with one artist to address the issue of climate change. 



Planes of Engagement

Brought together with the Savage Habit Mural Project in Jersey City, NY. Video done by Li-Hill with music credit to Fever Rey - Concrete Walls





Piece created in conjunction with the 'Field Trip' musical and cultural event held in the Fort York of Toronto. Commission by Arts and Crafts music label. Huge thanks to the Poor Sisters for creating this great lo-fi video of the process.




Li-Hill @ The Mascot

Installation created at the Mascot in Toronto, Canada. Video done by Visual Bass Photography. Music credit: Gold Panda - Same Dream China




AWOL Crew present FABRIC 

Official video for AWOL Crew presents FABRIC. A Premier Australian Exhibition in Melbourne Australia 



AWOl Crew Present Fabric (Teaser video)



Lost Habitat

Addressing the issue of habitat loss and displacement, this installation juxtaposes the organic and the industrial within the dynamic setting of Relative Space in Toronto. The animals, all native to the surrounding enviroment, allude to the natural habitats while the paper cut-outs on the windows represent the urban growth that has replaced it. All made from blueprints of Toronto buildings there is a material echo of this dynamic. The mural is done all in aerosol, the paper cut outs have been cut by hand. 



 Drake Hotel

Large scale mural done at the Drake Hotel in Toronto




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