Nature’s Arch and Visions of Altered Landscapes

When creating this mural, a partnership between two nations (India and Canada), I was asked to speak to an issue that impacts them both. This image arises from contemplating Climate Change and how it can alter the landscapes of two very different nations.  The painted leaves become something of a hopeful gateway for the viewer to walk through. One where we can envision a future in symbiosis with the ecosystems of this planet.

With the recent death of Sudan, the last male White Rhino, the issue of extinction becomes a very real one.  The natural rate of extinction is about 1-5 species per year. Scientists estimate we’re currently losing species at a rate of 1,000 – 10,000 times more than this base rate.  In a world that is losing its grip on biodiversity, how do we quantify something so large in scope? It’s hard to feel empowered when issues feel so grand. I’m not here to say I have an answer but sometimes the smallest actions can ripple out. Here is to a hopeful future beyond our human-centric vision.

Thank you @startindia and @canadainindia for making this possible and to Deepak for being the muse and standing here for scale.

Acrylic + Aerosol on Concrete

Photo Credit: Pranav Gohil