A Hostile Force and Natural Defense
Two major works from the solo show ‘Perils of a New World’

These works were the starting point in speaking about climate change. When trying to comprehend the origins of this issue, I wanted to speak about how our civilization has gotten to this critical spot. A major aspect of focus when speaking about this issue was how the Western world, being the main proponents of Climate Changing factors, has historically had a hostile and dominating stance towards nature and many other cultures. When thinking about the invasion of the ‘New World’ it was a domination of not only the land but the people and their beliefs. Human civilization has spent thousands of years at the receiving end of natural forces and our perceived oppression morphed into callus dominance as our technological and scientific might grew. We are now entering a New World standing on the bones of countless species and cultures from the past. Acknowledging this history and our place within the systems of this planet is crucial in blazing any possible trails forward.

Oil + Reclaimed Wood
48 x 48″ 122 x 122 cm (variable dimensions)

Photo Credit: Artist