Landscape in Red

Immersive installation created for ‘ Emergency on Planet Earth” exhibition at the CCCC Museum
Accompanying exhibition text by artist:


The only sane thing to do in these damaged times is to revolt, we are not in an age of Anthropos, we are in the age of Capital and it is driving this planet and everything on it to the brink of devastation. Through these bleached branches and flaring soils, a glimpse of the damaged world is revealed. The climate that has sustained life for thousands of years is changing at a devastating pace, leaving little room for survival for much of Earth’s inhabitants. This change is not felt equally, the influence is not universal and from this privileged position here in this museum, this piece should not treat humans as one large unified force devoid of difference and equal in impact. Life on this planet is owed to an unimaginably vast interconnected network of organisms, climate and the earth, a network the human species is entangled with and enmeshed in. This fake forest made from the discarded materials of industry asks you to place yourself for a moment in a broader world, one with small hidden stories in the ground, a world at risk but connected. To borrow words from Donna Haraway, we must learn to make kin with all the networks of life on this planet, to learn to live and die well together. Immersed in this network, you imagine the act of becoming entangled.

Acrylic, Cardboard, Reclaimed Wood, Thread + Soil
12 x 8 meters – 40′ x 26′

Photo Credit: Artist
Video Credit: Dela Brave